5 Catering Services in Malaysia

If you are looking for a catering Malaysia service, you have several options to choose from. Twenty9 Catering is a premium catering company with services for the whole of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The company caters to many corporate and VIP clients, including Ex PM Tun Dr. Mahathir and many leading corporate organizations. Whether you’re planning an important corporate event, or just want a special meal for your office staff, Twenty9 Catering can handle your event with ease and taste.

Life Bites caters to your needs

If you’re planning a celebration in Malaysia, you’ll definitely want to check out Life Bites Catering. The company specializes in Western and Italian dishes, but they also offer Malaysian specialties, including kuihs and satays. Their buffet line features items like scones with cream cheese and mini burgers, as well as salted egg squid and fruit tartlets. They also excel in kuihs and shepherd’s pie.

Banquet Catering Malaysia

If you are planning a wedding in Malaysia, you have to consider the type of food you would like for the reception. The cuisine of Malaysia is a mix of Chinese, Indian, and Malay foods. Banquet Catering Malaysia can prepare all of these foods and many more to suit any taste. There are many types of buffet tables to choose from, so you can be sure to have a delicious meal at your reception. The cuisine of Malaysia is rich in variety and it is a good idea to plan a food selection that will satisfy all of your guests.

Teaffani Catering

From humble beginnings to global success, Teaffani Catering has been bringing gourmet fare to the nation for 10 years. The catering company offers international cuisine in a range of styles, from classic French to modern Western. The owners of Teaffani, Jerome Ong and Rachael Ang, were inspired by the Russian Tea House in New York and the English High Tea culture. The catering company also provides custom-made catering equipment.

Initial Million Taste

Whether you are hosting a corporate event or planning a wedding, Initial Million Taste caters for every taste and budget. From Chinese cuisine to Nyonya dishes, you can find a wide selection of delicious foods. You can even order individual Japanese bento sets or create your own custom pizza toppings with a variety of flavors. Whatever the occasion, you’ll find something to please the palate. With a menu that includes the latest trends and recipes, Initial Million Taste Catering Malaysia will provide your guests with an unforgettable experience.

Jumbo Caterer

Jumbo Caterer Malaysia is a well-known catering company in Malaysia. It began as a small operation in June 2005 and has since expanded into a professional service provider for a variety of events. Its diverse menu is centered on traditional South Indian food using health-conscious spices and herbs. It also offers a variety of Malay, Chinese, and other cuisines. Depending on your requirements, Jumbo can prepare the perfect food for you and your guests.


PBHALL Catering Malaysia has several dining options. Their rotating menu offers a variety of dishes from local to international cuisine. If you’re looking for a variety of local cuisine, check out their Nyonya and Chinese selections. They also have unique pizza toppings for those who’d like to try something a bit different. Whether you’re hosting a party or working from home, they’ll make sure to have the right food for your guests.